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Data Centres

Complex modern data centres need stable power, climate and security systems in place, to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the computing equipment and related technology that is essential to the smooth day-to-day operation of your business.

How Keiba can help

We provide integrated solutions to create a stable and secure environment for your equipment, including:

  • systems to cater for the varying thermal and power consumption profiles of all your equipment (including in ‘ultra-dense’ environments, where large amounts of equipment share the same space)
  • control, alerting and reporting systems
  • integration of your data centre into wider building management, network and server monitoring systems and security systems
  • all the network, structured cabling and fibre optic services required to equip a fully functioning data centre
  • power consumption monitoring systems (particularly useful for charge-back purposes in hosting environments)

Working with you

We offer a complete service from planning a whole new facility right down to rack building and individual equipment monitoring, so we can ensure end-to-end quality control, and we provide comprehensive supporting documentation.

We will recommend the best solution to meet your needs, with a fully costed proposal for supply and installation of your data centre.

Already have a system and need help?

Need Help?

Maybe you have acquired a system when moving house; your previous integrator went out of business or simply is unable to cover additional requirements. We can help. Contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Machine ‘creature comforts'

Modern data centres vary in size from dedicated industrial-scale installations to small computer rooms in individual companies’ offices, but all house machines and equipment that require a carefully managed environment to keep them running at maximum levels of efficiency and security.

We often attribute human characteristics to machines, referring to them as 'temperamental', or ‘awkward’ – and whilst this may be overstating the case, it's true to say that just like us they need an environment that suits them. If they are outside their ‘comfort zone’, they won't perform as well as they have been designed to.

Nowadays data and technology systems are mission-critical resources for most organisations, so it makes sound business sense to create the optimum working conditions for our equipment, as well as our people!