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Home Theatre

We define a home theatre as ‘a cinema in your home, as opposed to a home cinema’.

A home theatre is a purpose-built, or adapted, space that’s dedicated to providing an outstanding audio-visual experience when viewing broadcast or pre-recorded films and TV programmes.

We create your home theatre as a fully managed project, starting with an assessment of your requirements and the space available. Basements are popular candidates for a home theatre conversion, as there is rarely a requirement for natural light, and a degree of soundproofing is already in place!

What makes a home theatre?

Whilst a home cinema enhances an existing room, usually a family living area with multiple uses, a home theatre is a single-purpose space.

There are fewer compromises, and the entire focus is to optimise the immersive experience by allowing the technology to do its job to maximum effect.

The equipment and systems we use are of a higher specification (and therefore cost more) than those in most home cinema solutions.

Our typical home theatre installation comprises:  
  • a DLP projector
  • a fixed screen
  • a choice of aspect ratios – from 4:3 to 16:9 or  2.35:1 (Cinemascope).
  • full cinema-grade surround sound with 7.1 channels and the option of multiple speakers per channel for optimum sound quality and steering
  • optional enhancements (depending on your requirementsand budget) such as 3D, the new Ultra High Definition (4K resolution) displays, and even in-seat vibration and motion capabilities
  • custom seating
  • soundproofing
  • infrastructure (cabling, control systems, lighting air-conditioning and heating)

Working with you

Our home theatre projects begin at the planning stage, with an assessment of the available space to determine the best possible design to achieve the ideal solution for you.

We create a total environment designed to deliver a premium quality home entertainment experience. We often collaborate with clients’ own interior designers and architects to ensure ‘best fit’ with the look and feel of your home, and we are always guided by your specifications.

Cinema - without the drama!

These are exciting times in our industry. Technology continues to race ahead, but we always keep pace with new developments, such as higher frame-rate filming, set to further reduce the boundaries between viewing on-screen and in the real world.

With our help you can implement a solution which is balanced both technically and aesthetically, and our independent, objective approach enables us to perfectly match our solution to your needs.

Whatever your budget and aspirations, we’ll use our knowledge and experience to bring your home cinema or home theatre to life, so that you and your family and friends can experience to the full (rather than simply ‘watch’) all your chosen films and TV programmes.

To discuss your home cinema or home theatre needs please call us now on 0845 869 1843

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