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Signs of the times...

Audio Visual IntegrationAudio Visual Integration

Digital Signage

Screen-based signage can deliver dynamic, engaging and time-relevant ‘rich digital content’ (text, images, animations and video), for purposes as diverse as:

  • public information – maps, travel information, weather forecasts, breaking news, safety instructions,
  • advertising – special offers, store locations, product demonstrations, brand building - sometimes referred to as ‘digital out of home’ technology (DOOH)
  • consumer information – menus, store guides, queuing times
  • business information – exhibition screens, employee information and instruction, management announcements
  • education – museum displays and guides, tourist attractions and heritage sites

How Keiba can help

We’re here to offer guidance on selecting the right equipment for your specific location and audience, and then help you to install your system for maximum effectiveness and impact. We will help with

  • choosing your display – touch screen monitors, big screens, projectors
  • delivering the best quality audio for the space or exterior location
  • integrating all your equipment (media players, control panels, speakers, cabling) into a balanced and stable system
  • designing a system to manage your content delivery (making it interactive, programmed to store content and deliver it to a schedule, adding streaming content)
  • suggesting creative solutions appropriate to the style and nature of your content to engage your target audience

Working with you

We will assess your needs based on what you want your digital signage solution to achieve, who will be your audience, the location, and your budget. We then recommend a fully costed solution that delivers your message efficiently and with maximum impact.

Signs of the Times

A combination of falling cost and reductions in the size, cost and weight of display screen technology (including flat panel and touchscreen displays) means that single-use printed signs, notices and advertisements are increasingly being replaced by audio visual signage systems.

Originally mainly confined to airports and railway stations, digital signs are nowadays very widely used - to present a corporate image in foyers, in interactive shopping centre guides, as a catalogue of additional products available to order in shops, and for education, information and entertainment. Sports bar screens can show a live game and around it (or overlaying it) display adverts, special offers or other information.

From very small scale embedded touch screens activated by movement detection, to large irregular shapes projected onto vast areas (including buildings), digital signage is part of our everyday world.

We can even interact with signage systems via our mobile devices, by posting to a ‘TwitterWall’ screen at a live event or conference.

Just a small selection of the manufacturers we work with...

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