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Automated Testing

Playing safe...

Having comprehensive and cost effective testing solutions in place helps you to comply with legislation and safety regulations, as well as making your workplace safer for your employees. Making sure that your equipment and infrastructure are working as they should, and having monitoring in place to alert you when they are not, also makes good business sense.

How Keiba can help

Many testing and monitoring procedures can be carried out automatically, saving man-hours and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to your workforce. We help businesses and organisations in many different sectors to plan, install and maintain testing and monitoring systems in areas such as:

  • lighting system testing equipment, interior and exterior
  • emergency lighting systems
  • cabling and wiring tests to reduce the risk of fires and electric shock
  • detecting warning lamp and bulb failures in equipment and machinery
  • alerts to failures in alarm, security or fire warnings systems
  • failure alerts can be via email, visualisation alert, daily printout or integrated into facilities management and logging systems

Working with you

Whether you are installing new systems and equipment or upgrading existing infrastructure, we will work closely with you at any stage, from initial planning through the installation to implementation and testing of your monitoring and safety provisions.

Prevention is better than cure...

Health and safety has had a bad press in recent years, taking the blame for getting in the way of progress at work and pleasure at play. However frustrating checks and balances built into procedures and regulations may seem, the world is undoubtedly a safer place than it used to be.

Installing automated testing systems will reduce the need for walking around large sites and testing and waiting for the results, saving you time and money. Testing intervals and durations can be set to suit the safety/risk profile of the relevant areas.

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