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Hotels and leisure facilities can have unique technology requirements. With many visitors both short and long-term, adaptability requirements to cater for events, variable demand and often variable staffing, the requirements for the hospitality industry focus on both top and bottom-line issues.

Offering new services and delivering consistently is key to the hospitality industry. With the demands of customers who are often only there for a short time, being able to offer new solutions and deliver on them well is essential. With the proliferation of technology from laptops to tablets and smartphones, most customers now expect the venues they visit to keep up with the pace. This can often be simple as good, reliable wireless internet or in the case of the higher-end, being able to view bills, order additional services etc. from the palm of their hand.

Comfort is always a key concern whether you run a hotel, gym, restaurant, health clubs or a cinema. Ensuring effective climate control in public buildings, especially those with specific climate requirements, can be a costly affair. The wrong temperature in a hotel room can cost you a guest, the wrong temperature during low periods could cost you significantly in heating or cooling bills. Simply adjusting the temperature when someone arrives is often too late as it can take time for the heating or cooling to take effect. Being ready for your guest is key and this is where we can help.

Effective climate control looks at both seasonal issues and individual demand. In a hotel, your guest from Africa will perceive your room temperature differently to your guest from Iceland. Being ready for this before they arrive can make difference between an average stay and a great stay. We can work with you to help optimise your heating, cooling and ventilation solutions to suit localised demand as well as overall demand to help increase your guests' comfort as well as look after your bottom line.

Of course technology solutions in hospitality go much further than climate control. Audio visual solutions often play a key role in the services you offer. Whether it is a meeting room solution, background music in a restaurant or music systems in health clubs and night clubs we design solutions to fit your needs.

Security is also another key factor however with such public venues security can often be subtly integrated into visitor flexibility. Identity cards which allow visitors to freely access their room and other facilities can also be used to track usage for marketing and development of new services. Number plate recognition can be used to open barriers to regular or registered guests yet at the same time track unknown vehicles or simply whether external contractors deliver on time.

Delivering all these services, tailored to your specific scenario is something we take very seriously. It can be daunting to consider all the options however we help guide you through the various elements to ensure you have an optimised solution for both your top and bottom line.  Whether you have a small single venue or you operate a large international chain, we can help.

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