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Commercial plant control, happy occupants.

Climate management in commercial and public buildings is often more complex than domestic installations. Some of the common issues are:

  • Scale – Commercial buildings often span multiple floors or a large floor area. Handling multiple zones and climate dynamics in different parts of the building will affect the size and amount of plant room equipment to be controlled
  • Diversity – Kitchens, conference rooms, offices, foyers, warehouses and many other types of space each have their own characteristics. Some require greater ventilation to handle increased carbon dioxide levels or removal of stale air. Others may require greater levels of heating or cooling.
  • Natural Effects – Many modern buildings incorporate large glazed areas. These areas may experience high levels of solar gain in the summer which needs to be mitigated with increased air conditioning or electric blind control to effectively regulate the temperature. In some areas where there is a high density of buildings a micro-climate can occur with increased wind-chill or other effects. When considering a large climate control solution, incorporating the real outside climate can help ensure the plant usage is optimised for the desired internal climate.
  • Occupancy – Many buildings have diverse occupancy characteristics. With the increase in flexible working and open plan office space, handling localised climate control effectively can save significant money in fuel bills.
  • Complexity – Some buildings feature a range of plant, old and new with different heating, cooling or ventilation characteristics. With transitional requirements as you move to newer plant or simply extending a building and require old and new to work seamlessly, complexity can result in ineffective compromises unless an integrated approach is taken.

Handling your commercial HVAC control effectively requires a complete understanding of your building, how it is used and other external influences. Much of the work to size the mechanical aspects will come from your mechanical engineers yet other aspects will require detailed survey and planning.

We work with you and all the relevant contractors to ensure a complete solution is designed and implemented. From concept to design, installation and commissioning we help ensure you get the best solution for your budget and running costs.

Large, small, complex or innovative we work on a range of projects – our design approach means that you get a solution to suit your needs.

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