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With many components forming part of a modern audio-visual system, ensuring everything is set correctly is paramount to ensure the system operates as expected. Integrated audio-visual systems are often perceived as complicated. Whilst a level of complexity is often required to achieve wonderful results, the complexity is often misunderstood.

Perceived complexity really comes from a few places:
  • The amount of equipment involved
  • The level of fine tuning we do
In order to give you the best from your solution we often use individual components which are combined in off-the-shelf consumer equipment. Think of it like the HiFi systems from the 1980's - a stack of separate components; whilst modern consumer equipment are often all integrated, having separate components gives us the flexibility to adapt solutions to suit you.

So what does this have to do with controls?

We understand that you ultimately want the controls you use to be simple, intuitive and reliable. AV controls come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the simple push-button types to fully customised touch panels; each suits a variety of solutions and budgets.

The AV controls are often the most complex part, particularly when you are looking to have a highly functional hand-held device. The more information you want a control to display about the current track when selecting music etc. the more complex it gets but ultimately with more seamless results. For one way control of a couple of simple components it is often straight-forward however.

The beauty is that we take care of all this for you. We take time to understand the level of sophistication you are looking for and set everything up accordingly.

In order to understand what is possible, take a look at the following list of scenarios we often come across:
  • One touch selection of sources (SKY, radio, music server, DVD etc.) - automatically sets the audio and visual components accordingly
  • Searching and selection of tracks from your chosen media server - your handheld control can be used to display tracks available and play accordingly
  • One touch room setup - lights, blinds, climate & source selected to help create the mood to suit the entertainment
  • Live feedback of radio station information - FM and DAB radio in particular provide information about the currently playing information. This can be presented back to you on your hand-held or wall control
No matter how simple or sophisticated you are looking for your solution to be, we can help realise this with you.

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