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Multi-room audio is fast becoming one of the main added features in new homes. The reasons people enjoy the benefits vary; for some the use of concealed speakers helps create that contemporary or minimalist look. For others, it is about entertaining or background music. The main advantages are the centralised sources and the unobtrusive presence in the room. There are many solutions available, proprietary and custom; deciding which is right comes down to what your needs are and what your installer can offer.

Is there really a difference?

Unfortunately, yes. It is important to understand the difference between proprietary and custom solutions, keeping in mind what you would like to achieve. Proprietary solutions typically offer a high level of functionality with little customisation. One of the main features offered by many is the ability to see the artist and track information on the in-room display. Some offer advanced features including the ability to control your lighting or store your music library centrally. There are also some limitations.

Proprietary multi-room audio systems typically offer a limited range of styles for the in-room controls. Many have set limits on the number of rooms or zones the system can handle. There may also be constraints around the equipment or other systems that can be integrated. Proprietary solutions typically offer very good value and for many are a natural choice.

Is custom for me?

Custom solutions allow for a greater level of flexibility and the ability to tailor to your needs. Systems can be designed from any starting point you choose; maybe a particular in-room control style or a specific level of audio quality. For some a large number of rooms or the ability to integrate with a home cinema are key decision making factors. Custom solutions require careful planning to ensure you get the most from your system.

What features are available?

The list of possible features is huge; knowing some of the more popular ones may help you refine your needs. Whilst not exhaustive, the following list may be helpful to you:

  • Centralised and decentralised sources (central music server and in-room iPod for example)
  • Track information display (sometimes including a picture of the album cover)
  • Wall or hand-held touch panel control
  • Party mode (all or selected zones can be joined together to play the same music)
  • Integration into a home cinema (thus avoiding extra speakers in the room)
  • Audiophile quality solutions
  • Multi-room video options
  • FM or DAB Tuner station feedback
  • Home automation integration (an open-ended option; e.g. a single button to bring on a music playlist and your favourite light levels for relaxing)
  • A single wall unit for all control needs in the room (Audio, Lighting, Blinds, Curtains, Heating, Cooling etc.)

How can we help?

First and foremost we are completely independent. When designing your solution we assume the same priorities as you and combine this with our experience to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both proprietary and custom options. We are able to source products tailored to your needs combining form and function; integrated seamlessly into your home.

With its range of options and benefits, multi-room audio can bring a house to life.

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