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Network Security

Network Security

Network and data security is as much about the design of an appropriate protection system, and a manageable routine for users to make it work, as it is about the actual products used. This applies equally to private home networks and large company intranets, and of course to online networking in all its forms.

Sophisticated security systems offer additional features for managing your network, facilitating remote access and site-to-site links, and controlling traffic for optimum bandwidth usage.

How Keiba can help

We have helped private individuals and businesses of all sizes to safeguard their data networks by putting in place practical systems that give maximum protection with the minimum disruption to the end user.

We are experienced providers of network security solutions, including:

  • firewalls to prevent hackers and other undesirable traffic accessing your network
  • authentication to check if the person or device has permission to connect to your network
  • authorization to control which resources, processes and system areas each user has access to
  • accounting procedures to log key access activity for billing or reporting
  • encryption to enable safe remote access, or secure site-to-site links using the internet

Working with you

We take a holistic view of your data networks, looking at who can access them, as well as anticipating where they are most vulnerable to attack. We can recommend the hardware and software which together will provide the protection you need. We will also provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of your network security system.

Stay safe!

Information, communication, integration, collaboration – all are made both easier, and hugely more powerful for us by data networks, either locally within our homes and offices, or online.

As we share ever-increasing amounts of our personal and business-critical data with friends, business colleagues and the ‘www’ (whole wide world!) we risk compromising ourselves and the things we value most by exposing them to malicious attack on a daily basis.

In response to this threat, a whole industry has been created offering products and services to keep us (and our data) safe. When you're looking to choose the best protection, it helps to get advice from someone you can rely on, and who can guide you in selecting the most appropriate solution.

Trust Keiba to have the right answers for you!

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