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Mood lighting is the culmination of lighting design, control and often colour to set or reflect a particular mood in a room. Often mistaken as a function of lighting control systems, mood lighting can be as simple as different dimming levels in a room with one touch control.

To achieve effective mood lighting we work with you to understand the rooms involved, their use and decor. Every scenario is different - you could be looking to create a wonderful spa experience, provide some subtle colour to a living space or add a touch of drama to a home cinema.

Quite often a room needs different moods - a large dining space could play host to a subtly lit dinner and then evolve into a relaxing lounge environment or dance floor.

Working with you from start to finish, we are able to encapsulate all the elements required to give you your perfect mood lighting installation either for one or two rooms or as part of a wider installation.

Just a small selection of the manufacturers we work with...

Great Fosters Coach House

When you want to provide a range of modern technology services into a Grade I listed building, who do you turn to? See how we helped blend modern design and building technologies into a historic building.

These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.