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No-one cares about your security more than you, except maybe us.

Remote monitoring of a home or building could take many forms. The initial reaction when asking about remote monitoring is often a police response to an intruder alarm or remote CCTV monitoring. These whilst valid are only part of the story.

Monitoring security systems in some ways means nothing - what you really care about is either preventing an intrusion, capturing relevant data about an intrusion or being pre-warned about suspicious events. The point is that having constant CCTV recording, police response to every intruder alarm alert or access control failure is in many cases information overload or overkill. Responses and recording need to be relevant to the event at hand and escalated accordingly.

An intruder alarm may be activated by a break-glass sensor - in many cases this could just be someone breaking glass outside your property or an object being thrown through a window. Whilst the latter is a cause for concern you probably wouldn't want the police turning up if it was your child playing football in the garden! Taking the same example, if the break-glass event was followed by a motion sensor event then you can quite rightly assume an intrusion may be in progress.

Similarly with CCTV in many cases you are most concerned about CCTV recording under certain circumstances rather than continuously. With continuous CCTV recording compressed or low frame rates are used due to the volume of data. Recording in full real-time when an event is detected could capture the key frame needed for evidence rather than the potential to miss them due to the compressed recording.

In all these scenarios our approach is to assess the uniqueness of each situation and look at the events generated by all applicable security systems so that responses are relevant. These responses could be recording, notifying you by phone/SMS or escalating to others through automation. In most cases we find that an effective remote monitoring solution is one tailored to your scenario. When presented with accurate information about what is happening in or around your property you can take appropriate action.

A simple police notification may result in a drive-by inspection however this is easily planned in by a determined criminal - a more comprehensive response isn't so easily predictable.

Whether you want up to the minute information on your smartphone, comprehensive prevention, detection and event coverage or simply your door-entry system calling your mobile phone we are able to create simple through to the most sophisticated solutions.

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