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UPS & Power Management

A reliable power supply is a fundamental requirement for any commercial or public service premises. As a business risk, loss of power ranks so highly because it can close down operations in an instant if suitable backup provision is not in place.

Managing your power usage also helps you to manage your budget, and ensure all your equipment is performing safely and efficiently for optimum results.

How Keiba can help

We have helped many organisations to secure a stable, controlled and monitored power supply, taking precautions to prevent disruption or failure, and putting backup resources and procedures in place to immediately address any problem which might arise.

Our solutions have included:

  • installing an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) for continuity and quality of supply
  • using power conditioners to smooth out under- and over-voltages as the supply varies throughout the day, and remove interference from the AC sine wave
  • putting power outlet controls in place to save energy by rationing power to equipment to match demand
  • setting up power consumption or quality monitoring procedures for billing, reporting or anomaly detection
  • ensuring stable power supplies to critical equipment in AV systems, where a high-quality mains supply is essential for the best sound and picture quality
  • protecting against power surges to prolong equipment life using remote power controls to save energy and enable easier support and troubleshooting from being able to reset devices easily

Working with you

We work with you throughout the design of your power management system, recommending the most reliable components which together will offer a stable and robust solution. We will also provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of your chosen system

You’ve got the power...

Electricity is the lifeblood flowing through most business operations.

De-stabilise the electricity supply, and the organisation cannot operate efficiently, especially if it uses sophisticated and sensitive electrical equipment. Take it away altogether and offices, factories, workshops, computer rooms, theatres, hospitals (the list is goes on) will soon grind to a standstill. Fortunately there are many ways we can help you to stay in control of your power supply and guard against outages.

By managing your use of power effectively, you can prevent over-consumption, and make sure all your equipment is receiving power at the optimum level, which will increase productivity and eliminate wastage.

If you fail to take charge of your power supply, you are risking your power supply failing your business in return... but with Keiba, you’ve got the power to prevent it happening!

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