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Wet Environment AV

From a health and safety perspective, water and electricity are not a good mix. Fortunately, modern equipment design and safety features have made using audio visual equipment in a ‘wet environment’ a viable and safe proposition. We’re here to help you choose the best equipment to deliver your audio visual content wherever you need it, whether on land or at sea.

How Keiba can help

Our experience of supplying wet environment AV solutions means we can help you with practical and stylish:

  • TV screens in bathrooms, shower rooms or wetroorms
  • audio in gardens
  • underwater audio in swimming pools
  • interactive digital signage in botanical glasshouses
  • audio visual systems in other high-humidity environments such as pool and steam room/sauna complexes in health clubs
  • audio and/or video solutions on yachts and in salt-water environments

Working with you

We work with you throughout the design process to your specifications, and select the safest and most suitable high-quality components for use in your wet environment. We will also provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of your chosen system.

Wet, Wet, Wet? You’re home and dry...

Whatever your musical tastes, or movie preferences, if you want to enjoy them close to water (perhaps on the decking by your pool, or out on deck as you carve through the spray with a brisk following wind) you need an AV system that can cope with whatever the conditions may throw at it.

Whether it’s shrugging off salt water or fresh water, high humidity or heavy rain, your system needs to remain robustly waterproof without compromising on the quality of the sound and vision it delivers.

We know what works, and what doesn’t! We can even help you to install a home theatre system in your swimming pool room (with underwater audio if required).

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