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Caught in the act...

CCTV has found widespread use in security, safety and tracking applications. Whilst once just a remote viewing and recording system CCTV development has gone further to include number-plate recognition (ANPR), motion sensing, people counting and many other analytical applications.

We work with many types of CCTV system from small domestic installations to larger multi-camera, multi-building and multi-site setups including traditional cameras, IP cameras and PTZ. We design solutions taking into account the appropriate camera type and lens all the way through to effective infra-red or traditional security lighting solutions, vandalism monitoring, recording solutions, analytical applications (ANPR etc.) and remote site monitoring solutions.

We are also able to take CCTV integration to other applications including the use of ANPR links into access control or other building control solutions. An exclusive residence may wish to provide illumination and automatic garage door opening depending on the car coming up the driveway. A hotel or business park may want to provide automatic barrier control to pre-registered visitors, employees or contractors based on vehicle and/or other criteria.

Our extensive understanding enables us to be efficent in the simple installations or offer unique solutions to the more demanding requirements.

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