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Seeing is believing - monitor and control your Building Management System

Visualisation simplifies a complex array of alerts and controls by providing a quick visual reference ‘map’. This could be a building plan with symbols or textual information overlaid at relevant points providing an interface to every function and output.

For example, you see the plant room is highlighted in red on the plan. Clicking on it drills down into the room to reveal a red warning light on a boiler which has failed to fire or a valve which didn't open when it should have.

Customising the BMS to meet your needs

Visualisation systems can be tied to specific parts of a control system, or manage the system as a whole. They can be customised to suit the target audience, giving a maintenance technician a detailed description of a particular fault, while providing administrators and facilities managers with the bigger picture, including the wider impact and implications.

The visual display can be on a desktop monitor, wall-mounted touch panels or portable tablets and smartphones, with the system hosted on your own server or in the Cloud as a web-based solution.

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