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Modern meeting rooms use an increasing array of technologies to aid productivity, comfort and participation. Whether it is a regular morning meeting, a board meeting or international project meeting, effective technology solutions can play a part in ensuring good productivity and inclusiveness.

Every meeting is different some may explicitly require some form of technology solution such as video conferencing. Others may just subtlety benefit from the use of technology in the background. Some of the many scenarios include:

  • During your daily morning meeting you always get the bright sunrise shining in and the heating not yet kicked in. Manually adjusting blinds, calling the building maintenance people etc. takes time out of what should be a short, sharp meeting to prepare for the day. The secondary effects of people being cold and irritated by glaring light or other factors can often lead to people losing focus. Effective control and automation of blinds, heating, lighting and other elements can ensure your meeting room is ready for you when you need it.
  • Training sessions can become tiring for both the trainer and the trainee. The more interactive a training session however, the more people are likely to maintain focus. By providing an array of interactive training aids including whiteboards (electronic or otherwise), touch screen interactive solutions, videos and traditional PC presentations can make the training more engaging. The environmental conditions also play a key role - the carbon dioxide levels, warmth, lighting types and levels also play a significant role in keeping people focused.
  • Board meetings are often international with participants on video or audio conference and use multiple types of media including video and presentations. With quality and security being key to ensuring everyone understands the discussion and it being kept between the attendees only, a good boardroom solution needs to go beyond just the immediate visible technologies.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience can help you design and equip your meeting rooms from highly functional training rooms to sleek and sophisticated boardrooms. Covering all aspects of audio-visual, video conferencing, climate and security elements we can help create small, single-room solutions through to large and partitioned multi-room meeting solutions.

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