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It has long been known that fibre optic solutions can carry vast amounts of data. In the broadcast world fibre optic solutions have been used for some time however now, due to the increasing demands of audio-visual applications, fibre optic solutions are now becoming mainstream.

One of the key reasons for choosing fibre is the electrical noise immunity. As signals get faster to support high-bandwidth applications like HDTV, so too does the susceptibility to electrical noise. Fibre is an ideal solution being small and able to support current and future requirements for some time. With the proliferation of fibre in other market segments the cost of installation and connection equipment has dropped significantly over the last few years.

We design and install fibre optic solutions to cover a number of audio-visual requirements including:

  • HDMI over fibre
  • Multiroom audio/video over IP over Fibre
  • Aerial and Satellite distribution over Fibre (ideal for large communal systems)
  • Optical switching
  • KVM over fibre

We install to both residential and commercial properties selecting the appropriate cabling and termination types to suit. We cover both single and multi-mode solutions, termination, splicing and testing all the way through to ensuring the original source signal is as expected at the destination.

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