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AV over IP

Delivering Audio Visual Content via your Data Network (AV over IP)

If you need to deliver information or entertainment to your customers or system users, and you have (or are about to install) a data network, then it makes sound commercial sense to combine the two with a solution known as Audio Visual over Internet Protocol (AV over IP)

The increasing bandwidth and reliability of online connectivity, and more effective compression methods, are allowing ever higher quality delivery. As a global IP network accessible to all, the internet is often the most cost-effective way to deliver AV over IP.

How Keiba can help

We’re here to provide guidance on AV over IP solutions for every budget, and help you to put all the elements in place, including:

  • lower cost solutions where low to medium quality streaming will suffice (eg for information boards)
  • solutions using latent capacity on your existing telephony or data network
  • a dedicated AV over IP network where optimum quality is required (up to 192khz audio and HD video over IP using HDMI)
  • flexible systems you can control via your internet browser
  • highly scalable solutions connecting multiple sources to multiple target zones (subject to network capacity and quality expectations)
  • business solutions encompassing video conferencing systems and IP telephony (for details see our Telephony section)
  • technology from leading providers including CobraNET (a high-end commercial standard) and StreamNet (an open partnership based on the NetStreams IP streaming system)

Working with you

Our AV over IP projects begin at the planning stage, with a thorough assessment of any existing networks you may have, and the content you need to deliver. We will then recommend the best possible design to achieve your ideal solution, and provide a fully costed proposal.

‘Sound and Vision’ – what the public wants!

Consumers and businesses alike have come to expect their information, just like their entertainment, to be delivered in audio visual form. After all, music and online learning videos are widely available on YouTube, and we can stream TV programmes and film directly into our homes with the likes of iPlayer and Netflix.

We are used to seeing video walls in exhibition spaces and big screens at outdoor events, using conventional cabling and equipment. If we can carry on watching the match in real time on our smartphone when we leave our seat to go for a ‘comfort break’ or a visit to the bar, we don’t need (or want!) to know that AV over IP is now the delivery channel.

We just expect it all to work seamlessly, every time!

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