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The telephone has been through several revolutions. From analogue to digital to mobile and now telephones are an integral part of modern networks. The simple telephone has now become quite complex - many larger homes now have telephone systems installed to handle multiple lines and users. Furthermore with mobile and internet technologies also at hand the world of telephones can be very complex.

Installing basic telephone line distribution is the most common and basic form of telephony work we do. Moving on from there however we can work with you to help select the best phone system to suit your needs. From a basic analogue phone system to a multi-site IP telephony solution with integrated applications - we can help keep you connected.

Should you opt for IP Telephony? The technology has evolved tremendously over the last decade although don't confuse IP Telephony with voice over IP. The terminology has blurred somewhat however think of IP telephony as the calls within your building and voice over IP as the call handling technology from your building to the outside world. There is a lot of overlap these days however any general fears about IP Telephony tend to dissipate once you understand that with the amount of bandwidth and network performance available in most buildings now the only difference you'll really notice with IP is a positive one. More flexibility, features and lower costs are the starting point.

Installing a phone system and voice mail are really the starting points. If you are looking for another level of integration including applications which come up on your phone displaying additional information or services, intercom integration, conferencing services (including video conferencing) then talk to us about how we can help.

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