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Controls are all around us: lighting, heating, cooling, blinds, garage door, amplifier, TV, satellite box, DVD player ... you get the picture. On the wall, in your hand, via your computer - there are now many methods of control to add to the complexity.

Simplifying your controls is one of our main goals. Doing this well does take some thought; just copying all the functions onto a big touch panel is far from the answer - it would be just the same problem in a different format. We spend time with you ensuring the right type of control is available at the right place. Touch panels can be a great solution however having to go through menus to turn a light on when you arrive home late at night really wouldn't be practical. By understanding how you will use each space we can tailor the controls to suit your environment.

We work with many varieties of touch panel, programmable remote controls, web based interfaces as well as simpler multi-function wall controls to ensure you have the right control at the right place and blend in appropriately. An integrated control could be just a simple switch on a wall; when considered as part of an overall scheme a good solution is one that is intuitive and easy to use. The technology implementing it is simply a vehicle - one that we help select appropriately based on complexity and budget.

Just a small selection of the manufacturers we work with...

Great Fosters Coach House

When you want to provide a range of modern technology services into a Grade I listed building, who do you turn to? See how we helped blend modern design and building technologies into a historic building.

These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.

None available at present - We are adding terms and technologies all the time (a big job!), check back soon as they are updated regularly.