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Installing high-tech systems on board ocean-going yachts is seldom a straightforward undertaking, given that no two vessels are the same. Meticulous planning and coordination between all involved in the project is essential. We have years of experience in providing bespoke systems for yacht owners who insist on peak performance and unrivalled quality at all times.

How Keiba can help

Our experience of successfully specifying and installing premium on-board solutions include:

  • media systems designed to deliver TV, music and movies, and (depending on location) satellite TV, internet and other broadcast services, in high-definition formats
  • flexible and practical lighting systems to create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion
  • climate control systems which adapt to changing climatic conditions around the globe and ensure the comfort of all on board, day and night
  • bespoke installations such as a theatre, or underwater audio in swimming pools
  • onboard information systems, including signage showing maps, on-board facilities, and navigation information, relayed to each cabin and to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones

Working with you

We begin by making sure we understand exactly what you want to achieve, both in the short and longer term, from any new onboard system. We look in detail at the configuration of your yacht and all the current on board systems, consulting the manufacturer and fitters where necessary, and looking at power supplies and navigation equipment.

We can then recommend the best solution to meet your needs, and we will provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of the system for your consideration.

Already have a system and need help?

Need Help?

Maybe you have acquired a system when moving house; your previous integrator went out of business or simply is unable to cover additional requirements. We can help. Contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Luxury living - plain sailing...

Sailing is very much a lifestyle rather than a pastime, and yacht owners never settle for second best when it comes to their vessel’s performance and the creature comforts they enjoy on board.

Boat builders regularly change the configuration of their yachts across the range as fashion and technology open up new possibilities to exploit the available space, and to increase both comfort and speed.

From the outset and throughout its lifetime each owner will require a yacht to be customised to a greater or lesser degree to match their tastes and priorities. As a result, each project is unique in the challenges and potential it involves.

That’s why, when you are looking for the best solutions to entertain your family and guests, it always pays to get the experts on board!