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There are times when off-the-shelf products really don't suit the application. Maybe you need to complete that retro feel or have controls to aid the visually or physically impaired. There are several ways we can help from our vast database of component parts from around the world to the creative use of techniques to use, say, old (non-compliant) wall controls in a modern installation.

Where the need is truly custom we can work with many manufacturers to have standard products customised or new products created to suit. Depending on the application there are many factors to consider including electrical and safety issues. One of the areas often overlooked is the consistency between finishes.

A white finish? A brushed stainless finish? If you get a selection of products from different manufacturers they all have slightly different finishes despite the apparently similar description. Quite often the need for a customised product is to complete a consistent look - maybe a thermostat or an access control card reader. We help you get not only a stated match but one which closely matches your expectation. Exact isn't always possible (or more accurately is often cost prohibitive) - we will help provide options to match, maybe another approach or indeed a complete contrast as is often a good way to solve the problem.

Just a small selection of the manufacturers we work with...

Great Fosters Coach House

When you want to provide a range of modern technology services into a Grade I listed building, who do you turn to? See how we helped blend modern design and building technologies into a historic building.

These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.

None available at present - We are adding terms and technologies all the time (a big job!), check back soon as they are updated regularly.