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Apartment Blocks

Apartment blocks vary in their market position - from affordable housing to high-end suites and penthouses. What they share in common however is the need for communal services. With each apartment block project having its own unique requirements our position in the market enables us to help deliver the most appropriate solution to suit. Typical scenarios include:

  • Aerial & Satellite Distribution - Sharing a centrally installed dish and aerial ensures a good quality picture for all. With options ranging from a simple single feed to each apartment to a full multi-satellite distribution solution using fibre-optic delivery we have solutions which scale to suit your needs. We are passionate about reducing the number of visible satellite dishes which have become a wart on the sides of buildings. Communal solutions are an ideal way to ensure the facade always looks clean and tidy.
  • Access Control & Door Entry - Most apartment blocks have some form of door entry solution and naturally we install them to suit from basic audio-only to full-blown video entry solutions with stylish internal and external units. Furthermore we can also integrate access control to enable tenants, staff and others to have a simple code or swipecard/fob access to the building. Access control can also be used to restrict access to floors via integration into lifts and doors. Car parks, letterboxes and many other aspects of apartment blocks can also be secured via an integrated yet easy to use solution providing peace of mind and privacy.
  • Lighting & Climate - Many apartment blocks have shared heating and hot water services, communal stairwells and other building parts. Integrating the control of these services at an apartment level as well as at a communal level can ensure you get the most energy efficient and simple solution throughout. With automated testing of emergency lighting, control of communal lighting from each apartment, demand managed heating, cooling and ventilation we offer solutions to keep costs down, efficiency up and discrete comfort. Naturally our solutions are designed to be robust and secure ensuring appropriate isolation for each apartment as well as metering and billing options.
  • Data & Telecoms - With the increase in speed and pervasiveness of the internet, we able to ensure every tenant has access to the latest services available. Whether you are looking to provide a free or communal Wi-Fi service, enable future high-speed fibre-optic services to each apartment or offer a private concierge service within building we can help.

Should you be looking for a simple solution throughout or services for the high-end market, our complete service approach ensures you cover all the options and provides a single integrated delivery. Contact us to talk further about your individual requirements.

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Maybe you have acquired a system when moving house; your previous integrator went out of business or simply is unable to cover additional requirements. We can help. Contact us to discuss your individual situation.