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Integrated Security Systems

Security as a fabric; your systems are the threads

Effective security solutions rely on more than just a simple alarm. Prevention is by far the best form of security - having a great intruder alarm is useless if you don't put a lock on the front door. The concept of integrated security is not a new one although the scope has historically been quite limited.

When you work with us the opportunities for integrated security are usually greatly increased. Obviously we start with some of the typical integration scenarios like CCTV recording triggered by intruder alarm or access control system events. This is only the start of the possibilities - we can take various systems and define patterns to help understand the nature of the threat. A broken window and no movement detected is likely to just be a ball or other object - a low threat but something you may alert a key holder to.

Going further however we can look to integrate other systems including lighting, audio-visual or other custom deterrence methods to create noise, disorientation and ultimately make the path out of the property the only attractive option. Integrating these other systems also provides opportunities for prevention - lights or music coming on at similar times to your usual usage with some random variation can make your property a less predictable target.

Ultimately a property will become a target if the opportunity looks easy and predictable. Some of the possible features help reduce opportunistic crime and make your property difficult to assess by would-be criminals. Sometimes this is simply never enough - consider though that some of the possibilities are less obvious. Some of the lesser-known options available from integrated solutions include auto-alerting systems. For example, having a special timer at night triggered if the front door is opened could discretely alert neighbours or relatives if a certain button or pattern of activity doesn't follow.

Many of the options depend on the systems you choose and your security requirements. Talk to us about your situation and see how we can help.

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