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How We Work

Getting on with the job (and the customer!)

Our portfolio covers projects large and small, routine and ad-hoc.

Success with any project depends on clarity and trust, whatever the scale. Keeping it simple is key, whether it’s one-to-one communications on smaller installations or managing documentation and multi-party coordination on large-scale projects.

Our independence allows us to offer you the widest possible range of solutions from all of the world’s leading manufacturers.

We will get involved at a level which suits your needs, and which you are comfortable with. We don’t try to ‘cherry pick’ the easiest or most profitable parts. Our clients tell us they find this open-minded approach reassuring, especially when they realise that we relish finding the right solution, however mundane or exceptional their requirements may be.

Keiba’s design philosophy favours open standards over proprietary technology, giving you ‘support longevity’ and the best value for money. If this approach doesn’t fit for your particular project, we’ll explain why, and what the options and implications are.

Wherever practicable, we aim to install your integrated technology solution in such a way that each component system (lighting and heating control, audio-visual, security etc.) can work independently. Universal controls (typically touch panels) are then installed on top of these discrete systems, so that a problem in one area will not impact any other.

Please take a look at some of the project scenarios in our case studies to see the Keiba approach in action...