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When light is a blessing and a curse

Natural light is something we all appreciate at home and work. With the increase in the use of glass on buildings, controlling the natural temperature increase in a space has added complexity. Whilst advances in glazing have made a significant impact in controlling heat gain and loss, the challenge is still very much real.

The first thought for many when considering the impact of the sunlight is to include blinds and a light sensor to provide basic control. This is one of the simplest solutions we can help with. Going forward from there however you also may want to consider the current room temperature - allowing the sun to bring a room up to temperature obviously saves energy. Controlling curtains or other shading solutions can also help reduce night-time heat loss.

To move one step further still, the heat gathered in that room could be extracted via a heat recovery system and piped to another part of the building or to the intake on an air-source heat pump. With a reversible solution we could also control the flow of air back into the room to help create a natural equilibrium throughout your building.

These and other options are just some of the ways we can help. There is no one solution to create such a balance however using the right contractors for your ventilation combined with our help in controlling blinds, curtains, heat-recovery, windows, fans and many other elements we can create the most appropriate solution for you.

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