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Venue & Stage Lighting

Lighting for large public areas such as lecture theatres and partitionable meeting spaces in hotels and conference centres is primarily required to be unobtrusive and functional. It’s about illuminating what needs to be seen as clearly as possible for the benefit everybody in the room at any given time, and must be carefully planned and installed to achieve maximum effectiveness and flexibility.

We will advise you on choosing the most suitable lighting equipment for your purposes, and work with you to install it to greatest effect in your particular venue. The type of installations we specialise in include:

  • adaptable zone control in large partitioned areas so that the lighting illuminates the room as whole and adjusts to light the partitioned-off areas (perhaps switching automatically as partitioned walls are opened and closed
  • static lighting rigs illuminating the stage or platform, integrated with house lights
  • interfaces allowing temporary events installations to integrate with and control house and other static lighting
  • integrated lighting design and implementation to create flexible lighting scenarios for every occasion

Working with you

We begin by making sure we understand exactly what you want to achieve, both in the short and longer term, from your lighting setup. We then advise you which solutions we feel would best meet your needs, and provide a fully costed proposal for the supply and installation of the system. We can also set up the system to provide simple management and billing information for facilities managers to enable charge-back to venue hirers and event organisers.

Light Fantastic!

We like to make it easy for you to control your lighting systems, and your budget!

Unlike the highly specialised lighting setup in a theatre, the primary function of static lighting for events and conferences is to light up the space as efficiently as possible, rather than to create a mood, or evoke another world. It’s there to help presenters get their message across, and audiences to see exactly what’s going on.

Whilst we sometimes get involved with producing clever lighting effects for our clients, and we make sure that temporary dynamic show lights, ‘gobos’ and so on can easily be integrated with the installed system, our main concern is to cast light on the proceedings where it needs to be cast.

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