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System integration work helps to produce extraordinary results from simple systems. This could be similar systems such as heating, cooling and heat recovery to get optimum energy efficiency or the careful coordination of dissimilar systems such as lighting and audio-visual to create the perfect home cinema.

Your solution may require simple or very complex system integration - results should be your starting point. We need to understand what your end-state expectations are. From there we can start designing your optimum solution. In many cases the level of integration is relatively simple, particularly for related system.

More advanced system integration work can take various aspects from multiple systems and create a coordinated solution. An access control system linked to a hotel management system and CCTV system could be used to automatically provision new cards with CCTV monitoring the usage of selected cards. We work with you to define the required interaction between systems to create the desired result.

Single room or entire campus, our work knows few bounds; with our experience with many different fields, we are your ideal partners for integrated solutions large or small.

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Great Fosters Coach House

When you want to provide a range of modern technology services into a Grade I listed building, who do you turn to? See how we helped blend modern design and building technologies into a historic building.

These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.