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Strength in numbers

IP networks have become the norm in an increasing number of fields from typical computer networks through to CCTV, telephony, audio-visual and many other applications. As a result the demands on networking are increasing - each system has its own set of requirements within the network. Without careful bandwidth and latency control for example a voice call would be intermittent.

Using an IP based network to unify communications has a number of benefits including reduced equipment, a single communication method and the chance to integrate more applications. We talk about unified IP networks as this is the main addressing scheme. The underlying paths may vary from Ethernet to ADSL to SDH, ATM or any number of other lower level connection methods. Think of an IP network as a system of postcodes and door numbers, the underlying communication paths are like roads, motorways, air travel etc. - they all serve a particular purpose at a particular cost.

IP communications are at the core of many of our projects - we use IP to integrate systems and provide signal distribution in some cases. HDTV over IP for example is growing in capabilities and popularity - ensuring these streams occur perfectly end-to-end whilst you are on an IP phone call whilst someone else is downloading from the Internet and someone else is backing up their PC takes real understanding. This is where we come in.

We not only understand the various uses of IP for telephony, CCTV, audio-visual and many other applications but also how to integrate them to work together and manage them to ensure the right data moves in the right way, at the right time. Our help gives you peace of mind and assurance that we will work towards creating the most efficient and future-proof solution your budget and project constraints allow.

Whether you have a complex IP based requirement or simply want to future proof various elements of your project, talk to us to see how we can help.

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