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The best HiFi Systems

Our appreciation of music is highly subjective, and so are our requirements in an audio system. For example, one person may focus on the detail of an orchestral piece, whilst another insists upon hearing an accurate recreation of the original soundstage.

You may be considering a HiFi system as part of a home cinema installation, as a standalone system in a particular room, or as a multi-room music streaming setup. There is a multitude of options and a huge range of HiFi equipment to choose from. We work closely with the top manufacturers to get the best out of their products, and marry them together in an integrated system which is always more than the sum of its parts.

How Keiba can help

We’re here to offer guidance on choosing the best sound reproduction equipment for the specific location and audience, and then help you to install and connect all the components so that achieve your desired results:

  • we help you to achieve a balance between all the ingredients - budget, aesthetics, integration, and most importantly, sound quality
  • we take a holistic approach, judging each component on its individual merits before considering how it will integrate into a harmonious and balanced system
  • we look at the entire system, from cables to mechanical supports, power supplies and other elements such as the effects of control interfaces on sound quality, to enable the most faithful reproduction of your entire music collection

Working with you

We begin by making sure we fully understand your priorities in setting up your ideal HiFi system, paying close attention to the environment in which it will be operating. We will then present you with options, and our recommendations, with a full breakdown of equipment costs and a guide price for installation, if required.

How Hi is your Fi?

HiFi is a generic term applied to home audio systems, many of which don’t produce a very ‘high-fidelity’ sound at all. Technology has enabled miniaturisation of components and compression of recordings, so we now carry music systems around with us which even ten years ago would have seemed closer to ‘sci-fi’ than HiFi!

Personal stereos are clever gadgets, but to hear music at its magnificent best, getting as close as we can to reproducing a live performance requires a dedicated audio system made up of individual components, all carefully selected to match each other and the environment where they are installed.

Whatever your priorities and tastes, we will help you create a system which gives you the most perfect reproduction that your budget and the technology will allow!

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