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Integrated Intruder Alarm

If the alarm goes off would anybody notice?

How often have you heard an alarm go off down the road in the middle of the night then put a pillow over your head and tried to get back to sleep? With intruder alarms, car alarms, bike alarms and passing sirens from emergency services the sheer frequency of these sounds has desensitised many of us to them.

Intruder alarms have become more of a requirement for insurance than real security however their effectiveness in many instances has reduced. Having a monitored service can improve this however police priorities and false alarms also have a real impact on how effective this is. So who cares?

Quite simply, you care - it is your home or building after all. We design and install intruder alarm systems however where we can really make the difference is in how the response is handled. Before response is deterrence - should the alarm even be raised in the first place?

For a truly effective intruder alarm we work with you to determine how we can deter criminals or false alarms and then how to raise an alarm, to whom and at what time. Sounds complicated? Not really. Simple deterrence can come from timed lighting control, occupancy simulation, security lighting, CCTV or simply by appearing less appealing than the next property. But in the event an alarm is raised you are more than likely no-where near - effective notification and response is key.

Whilst we can work with simple alarm systems, where we really come into our own is by integrating the intruder alarm to provide deterrence, assessment and effective responses. We can trigger CCTV snapshots to be sent to your email or mobile phone as either a pre-alert or response to an alarm raised. Was it just a cat getting in through a window you left open? We can provide you the means to have an alert dismissed or escalated to others you nominate perhaps when you are on holiday. We can integrate it into your lighting control to light up every room in the event of an alarm or stream you a live CCTV feed wherever you are in the world.

Using multiple external and internal sensor types we can help create a level of intelligence to help ensure you are in control of your security.

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