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Many of the factors we take into account when creating solutions for commercial and public building management apply equally to educational establishments. However, they also face certain sector-specific challenges to accommodate the needs and priorities of their students.

How Keiba can help

  • Our integrated solutions will help you to manage individual classrooms and whole groups of buildings on a site. We provide:
  • lighting systems both functional (general and laboratory lighting) and creative (theatre and drama room fixed stage and house lighting)
  • climate control systems
  • communications systems (public address and background audio provision, digital signage giving real-time information)
  • access control to manage student and staff access to restricted areas, with comprehensive CCTV solutions for monitoring safety and security
  • public wireless internet access
  • structured cabling infrastructure, incorporating fibre optics, wired & wireless networking for complete connectivity
  • building management systems giving a complete overview of your energy usage, with alerts and reporting to keep costs under control and enable cross-billing to different departments
  • control systems to manage the whole infrastructure from a centralised point, or remotely via a user PC
  • classroom AV presentation solutions (including integrated SMART Boards) solutions
  • shared IT networks with teacher override
  • ruggedised controls for heating and lighting to prevent intentional or unintentional damage

Working with you

We are experienced in working with schools, colleges and universities, often with limited budgets, to provide cost-effective and robust building management solutions. We understand the challenges of the educational sector – from the requirements of scale and multi-use to issues around safety and equipment use (or abuse).

Our flexible working arrangements allow for disruptive work to be completed after hours or outside term times.

Already have a system and need help?

Need Help?

Maybe you have acquired a system when moving house; your previous integrator went out of business or simply is unable to cover additional requirements. We can help. Contact us to discuss your individual situation.

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Educational establishments have many building management requirements in common with public buildings and commercial premises.

Their users have both customer and employee characteristics. Students are likely to be paying for their education, but also working towards a shared common goal, whilst teachers, lecturers and administrative staff are employees.

Given that the majority of students are in the range of school age to young adulthood, they tend be physically very active, even boisterous at times, so a robust environment is a priority. They may not attach great importance to looking after equipment and facilities and treating them with care. Their priorities lie elsewhere!