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Wireless Networks

... or cordless chaos?

Wireless networks are everywhere - computer networks, mobile phones, wireless controls, cordless phones, even your garage door. What is interesting though is that despite the advances in wireless technology we are also confronted with advances in building technology with greater levels of insulation and use of metal and concrete structures - in short, wireless killers.

With higher data rates, greater proliferation and more obstacles, good wireless planning is fast becoming a necessity. It is important to understand the use of a wireless network - ideally if you can get a wire to a device then hardwiring is by far the best option. The best rule of thumb is the higher the speed/bandwidth the shorter the range. We could list many factors which positively or negatively affect this statement however it is a useful starting point. Having the fastest network for basic control applications can also be overkill and could invite problems.

Solving wireless problems can be achieved with wireless optimisation alone however often there are other ways to look at a problem. Why have lots of wireless networks when you can have one multi-access one with security features? This type of approach is more than just about the wireless network itself - understanding the bigger picture is key.

The bigger picture of course is where we come in. We have the tools and techniques to get your wireless design right however more importantly we look at the fundamental requirements from the network. We help select the right technology for the right purpose and ensure the wider infrastructure is also set to make best use of it.

From a simple wireless PC network in a house to a multi-service audio, telephony and data network serving a wide area, our design based approach ensures end to end quality.

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Great Fosters Coach House

When you want to provide a range of modern technology services into a Grade I listed building, who do you turn to? See how we helped blend modern design and building technologies into a historic building.

These terms and technologies may be used, hopefully our guide will help you make sense of them.