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Door Entry

From high-rise to high-end

Door entry systems are a hybrid of access control, telephony and CCTV. Different door entry systems lend themselves to differing applications from a high-end gated residence or gated development to apartment blocks with communal entrance doors.

Most modern systems come with a high-quality video camera so you can see who is at the entrance. An increasing number of systems now offer various types of local entry solutions including biometric, card swipe and key code to enable residents, utilities and other pre-approved people access without disturbing the occupants.

Door entry solutions can be combined with access control systems to provide both an efficient visitor entry solution along with a fully scalable employee and other pre-approved person access control system. Some door entry solutions can also be integrated into telephone systems and audio-visual systems to provide a flexible way to view or speak to people at the entrance and allow them access.

The right solution can often come down to many factors from the scale of the project to the interior styling and other preferences. We can provide solutions to blend in aesthetically with other wall controls or more utilitarian solutions for more budget conscious installations.

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