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Audio visual solutions in commercial environments are often a tool for business either directly or indirectly; conference room solutions, background music, public address or entertainment solutions to name a few.

Each commercial environment is different however and there is rarely only one right solution for any project. Choosing the right partner to work with you to understand your environment, your needs and your business will ultimately lead to success both long and short term.

That's where we can help.

Our approach to your project takes in not only the obvious and stated requirements but also looks at where the market is going, where your business is going and how we can help you get an efficiency or competitive advantage. Whatever your market we design and install solutions to suit you from simple background audio to conference rooms and large auditoriums.

Let's look at some solution types:

Conference or boardroom solutions
Conference rooms come in all shapes and sizes to meet a broad range of needs. Increasingly video-conferencing is being used to reduce business travel or increase collaboration among geographically diverse teams. We design and install solutions to suit your needs from simple single PC connections with a large screen to large mixed use conference facilities with video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, multi-user collaborative solutions and conference co-ordinator services.

Whether it's a dedicated room or to be hidden when not in use, we can help you get the perfect solution.

Auditorium/lecture theatre/mixed use venues
Auditoriums or lecture theatres are often a one-way setup involving one or more presenters and an audience. In such scenarios the quality of sound and vision is often paramount and needs to take into account the ambient environment of the room.

Many of these installations start to bridge into a collaborative, classroom environment. Auditoriums can now become more interactive with wireless pads to contribute to the central or sub screens, participant controls to request the presenters attention, vote counting or simply provide individual participant PC connections to give a truly dynamic environment.

A blackboard and chalk is fast becoming confined to history yet modern replacements allow the concept to live on. With the computerisation of many classroom environments, maintaining control and effectively managing multiple media sources can be challenging.

We can help - Whether it's an interactive whiteboard or fully integrated classroom with the ability to control or share the media in front of any student, we design, source and install the solutions to suit any size classroom.

Solutions for hotels often fall into various categories including conference rooms, leisure and spa facilities and restaurants. No two hotels are the same, even within the same chain. The local demographics, type of building and range of services offered will affect the overall solution. We work with you and your teams to design and install solutions from simple TV distribution through to multi purpose entertainment rooms and full service conference facilities with the latest high-definition and private cinema facilities in penthouse suites.

Leisure Centres & Sports Clubs
Gyms, health spas, ice-rinks, bowling alleys and other sports clubs all have unique requirements from background music to public address, individual sound delivery and big screen entertainment. In such dynamic yet frequently cost-conscious environments, good design is key to ensuring you get robust solutions which last and flexible yet effective solutions.

Perhaps you are looking create a new USP around a truly focused customer experience. We can help.

Restaurants are typically associated with simple background music yet increasingly modern restaurants are using audio-visuals in creative ways. From using projectors to change the look and feel to adapting the restaurant for dancing, private dining options and even live music.

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