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Cat5e & Cat6 are more than just cables...

When most people think of network and telephony applications Cat5e & Cat6 are readily discussed in terms of installation cable. Unfortunately many fail to realise that they are more than just a cable - they are an end-to-end infrastructure cabling and connection standard from the EIA/TIA. These standards dictate the overall performance of the cable and connections to ensure data rates and cross-talk levels can be achieved.

We constantly find misunderstandings about this in domestic situations where customers are looking to use the cable to carry various high-definition signals, audio, network and other applications. The amount of data and the speed of data movement around networks in homes and commercial buildings is significant and becoming more so. The overall quality of the end-to-end connection is very important to ensure reliable signals. Having the best cable in the world is useless if the connectors are not installed correctly or what it connects to is poorly designed or built.

Of course there are more structured cabling standards than Cat5e and Cat6 including new emerging standards which are pushing the use of copper cables to new extremes. 10 Gigabit Ethernet is now becoming more common and faster transmission standards are round the corner. HDMI and other broadcast technologies are now being encoded over Ethernet connections or natively over the cable. These high speed, high bandwidth connections rely on the overall quality specification of the cable infrastructure.

Why chance it? We can design and install structured cable solutions from the smallest domestic future-proofing to large commercial installations with thousands of vertical and horizontal cable runs all terminated to exacting standards. We test and certify our installations accordingly to give you the confidence you need. We can help you plan cable runs to ensure power and data remain separated, have appropriate bend radii, flow into racks or patching frames and all documented and labelled.

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