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Maintaining a comfortable temperature is something we often take for granted. With greater awareness of the cost of heating and cooling as well as the huge variety of sources or heat available, managing temperature effectively requires careful planning.
Managing temperature can often mean taking into account multiple heat sources, some direct (radiators, underfloor heating, heated air) and other indirect sources (solar gain, equipment/appliances, heat from adjacent rooms). In larger spaces taking into account the variation in temperature at different points (particularly where there are external walls involved) is also important.
Sometimes some of the temperature variations in a room are hard to avoid – a log burning stove for example will almost always result in one part of the room being hotter than the other.
Traditional approaches to heating systems with a time clock and thermostat are fast becoming obsolete. A time clock bringing the heating on at 5am so that you have the right temperature at 6am is not uncommon. Consider however that at some times of the year it may only take 30 minutes to bring the temperature up. Other times of the year could take 2-3 hours depending on the outside temperature and type of heating system!
How we can help.
It is important to understand that the most effective solution for any project is often quite simple. More sophisticated systems used behind the scenes help regulate temperature taking into account many factors both internal and external. In spaces with large glazed areas for example controlling blinds or shutters may significantly contribute to the overall temperature in a room.
Air conditioning is often an after-thought addition to a building. Conflict between the heating and cooling systems can be a common occurrence. With the right temperature regulation devices this conflict need not occur ensuring the heating or air-conditioning is only used when absolutely required.
We design and install systems large and small to meet the requirements of your project. From small proprietary solutions to integrating fully open systems for managing a diverse heating and cooling solution, we work with you to not only meet the technical requirements but also with consideration to aesthetics.
Whether a new installation large or small or a retrofit – we can help.

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