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Modern homes and buildings are getting increasingly complicated. With the increase in regulations, energy efficiency solutions and designs being pushed to new extremes, technology and related electrical systems are often an afterthought.

We understand that technology alone is no solution; we take the overall design, interior and exterior as seriously as you. Unconventional designs often call for unconventional solutions - when off-the-shelf solutions simply don't suit we can help.

We can work to a specification however to truly get great results we can work with you, your architect and others in your design and construction team to ensure every detail is covered. Providing ideas and unconventional solutions to problems are just some of the ways we can help minimise or indeed accentuate the role of technology and electrical solutions within your project.

Hiding sensors, controls, cameras, wiring accessories and other aspects is only the start.  How about custom wall controls made from natural stone sitting flush with a natural stone wall? It is an unusual yet achievable example. Maybe glass walls which turn opaque at the flick of the switch which then become a TV screen. The possibilities are only limited by budget and imagination.

To realise the full potential of design conscious projects we can work with you on a holistic design; working with you on either discrete sections of your project or right from the start to help you realise design ideas you didn't know possible. It can be refreshing to work with technologists who understand design. Be refreshed.


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