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Basalte – the Company

Founded in Ghent, Belgium in 2005, Basalte develops distinctive and stylish lighting and home automation control switches, based on advanced touch technology.

Distributed in 30 countries, Basalte’s products have received several international major awards, yet they are renowned for their simplicity of design and effortless user friendliness in operation:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci (and later, Steve Jobs).

Basalte Products & Services

  • Tacto & Mona backlit touch switches
  • Deseo room controller
  • Sentido multi-function touch switch with built in temperature sensor
  • Auro motion detector

Why Keiba recommends Basalte…

Keiba’s discerning clients appreciate Basalte’s high quality materials and the bold simplicity of its timeless and exclusive product designs, which complement a wide variety of architectural styles and environments.

  • Award winning product designs
  • Innovative use of materials including metal, leather and custom finishes
  • Leading-edge design, quality engineering and a commitment to producing great products
  • Basalte products conform to KNX standards worldwide for maximum compatibility

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