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NetStreams – the Company

NetStreams, a pioneer in the development of IP-based audio/video distribution systems, is part of the ClearOne group, a leading global provider of multimedia solutions for business and home use, including media streaming and digital signage solutions for audio, video and data communication.

NetStreams products and software solutions provide seamlessly integrated audio, video, control and computer technologies working on a single IP-Based StreamNet home network.

NetStreams Products & Services

Here are just a few examples of products from the extensive NetStreams range:

  • MLAV9500 Digital AV Encoder makes digital source components – such as a Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, cable box or DVR – available anywhere on the StreamNet network.
  • MLAV9300 IP Audio/Video Encoder encodes both SD and HD video signals into a stream of TCP/IP packets in real-time.
  • MediaLinX AV MLAV300 IP Video Encoder provides real time encoding of audio and video signals from a legacy video source (such as an HDTV tuner, cable or satellite set top box, Digital Video Recorder, Blu-Ray player) into an uncompressed AV stream that can then be distributed over a TCP/IP network at up to 1Gb/second.
  • SL251 IP-Based Controller/amplifier – designed to mount on, or adjacent to, a loudspeaker, this module contains not only the IP-controlled amplifiers, but also a web server for complete control from a browser.

Why Keiba recommends NetStreams…

We regularly use NetStreams components to create versatile multimedia-streaming systems in our clients’ private residences. They deliver reliable audio and video distribution with highly modular and flexible installation options, scalable to include a hundred or more zones and a variety of sources.

NetStreams DigiLinX Encoders & Decoders are a popular choice for:

  • Multi-zone Audio Projects
  • Multi-zone Video projects
  • IP-centric installations
  • Decentralised or widely dispersed zones
  • Space constrained installations

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