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Orluna has been manufacturing specialist light fittings in the UK since 2005, and still specialises in just one thing – the design and manufacture of high-performance LED downlights. Their team of engineers designed the LED lighting the Airbus A320 and includes senior R&D staff with experience of working on aerospace and Ministry of Defence projects.

Orluna Products & Services

Orluna users fully bespoke components in the modular QUAD light units, tried and tested now for more than eight years. Their unparalleled simplicity of design produces a smaller light housing unit, capable of superior light output levels.

  • QUAD10DEGREE - 411 lumens
  • QUAD50 - 637 lumens
  • QUAD70 - 902 lumens

Orluna's product range is fully modular, so you can choose and mix any bezel with any light engine or power supply unit. All Orluna fittings are supplied with approved PSU so the team can advise on the dimming performance of any product with all types of common control methods.

Keiba – installers of Orluna downlighters...

We install Orluna downlighters for many of our clients’ domestic and commercial projects, and recommend them for:

  • High quality, high performance downlighters
  • Innovation, specialisation and quality control

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