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Stillpoints specialises in designing and manufacturing vibration isolation technology for audio systems. This US-based company has developed uniquely effective solutions to the problem of unwanted vibrations from the surrounding environment being transmitted through hi-fi equipment system, and it is a which can adversely affect the fidelity of the sound produced.

Stillpoints Products & Services

Stillpoints produces precision engineered metal support devices and shelving racks for hi-fi equipment. The company’s latest critically acclaimed Ultra SS (Stainless Steel) isolation units for use under equipment or loudspeakers (on a shelf or on the floor) are best combined with threaded adaptors as spike replacements. The ultimate expression of Stillpoints’ art is the ESS rack in various height and shelf configurations, with six pockets of technology built into the support bars of each shelf.

  • Ultra Mini
  • Ultra SS (optional Ultra Base)
  • Ultra 5 (optional Ultra Base)
  • ESS Rack (optional Ultra Mini)
  • ESS Rack with Ultra SS (optional Ultra Bases)
  • ESS Rack with Ultra 5 (optional Ultra Bases)

Keiba – installers of Stillpoints audio solutions...

We recommend Stillpoints vibration isolation solutions for clients who require the ultimate performance from the hi-fi audio systems we create and install for them.

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