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Velodyne – the Company

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, the hotbed of high-tech innovation and invention. Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. has been a world-leading producer of subwoofer speakers and other high-performance audio products for almost three decades. In 1983 David Hall, Velodyne’s founder and chief engineer, introduced a technological breakthrough in subwoofer design that revolutionized the reproduction of low frequency sound.

Velodyne Products & Services

Velodyne products represent the fusion of technical innovation with the art of beautiful industrial design, and include:

  • High quality subwoofers, such as the SC-600 IW In-wall Subwoofer
  • SC-600D 400watt Dynamic Power Amplifier
  • A range of in-ear, Bluetooth and studio-quality headphones

Why Keiba recommends Velodyne…

We regularly use Velodyne products in projects for our clients, especially in home cinemas and home theatres of all sizes. Specialising in one or two areas has given Velodyne the opportunity to acquire superior knowledge and focus their products to a specific market.

  • Award winning products suitable for small to large home theatres and home cinemas
  • Comprehensive control options to enable us to apply the best settings for the room and audio source

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