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Inamo & Inamo St James

Inamo & Inamo St James

When the award winning Inamo restaurants started out in 2007 they presented us with the challenge of creating a robust infrastructure to support their new e-Table solution in their first restaurant. Combining a projector and associated equipment above each table to deliver a unique menu system and dining experience, the infrastructure solution had to be reliable.

In an office block it would be relatively straight forward with ceiling or floor voids to run cables. In a typical shop-front with ground and basement floor arrangement however, restricted ceiling heights and significantly more equipment in ceiling than any other restaurant, space and interference were real issues.

Covers mean turnover. With cost control a key factor in any company, delivering a reliable, fault-tolerant network infrastructure at a cost-sensitive level, the challenges just kept building. Having network outages in many businesses costs money however when the impact is so direct on the customers and potential takings, the solution had to be simple yet consistent and reliable. With the volume of data cabling matching a typical office environment, working with all the other contractors and consultants was key to ensuring success.

We delivered a high-end network and cabling infrastructure at a budget-conscious level alongside an IP telephony solution and other related services.

In 2010 the guys at Inamo approached us again, this time for a solution almost three times the size including the decommissioning and re-use where possible of services from a previous incumbent restaurant. This time the timescales were even tighter and the finishes and complexity high-end and very high-quality, everything had to be right. We worked long days and weekends to ensure that not only was the solution delivered on time and around the complex fit-out plan but also quality tested so we could all be confident once the ceilings were closed. With over 300 data points, a mixture of old and new, a complex ceiling plan and demanding timescales we succeeded in rising to the challenge.

This time we also combined a high-end IP CCTV system alongside the telephony and other IP based services to create a consolidated and easy to manage unified IP solution.

Since then we have also partnered with them to roll out a similar infrastructure to their new franchise partner, Izkaya, in the Netherlands in early 2011 taking our work international.