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Network & TelecomsNetwork & Telecoms

Network & Telecoms

Networks that just WORK!

Networks – both wired and wireless – are everywhere... and they’re getting faster all the time.

From internet access to file sharing, telephony to video conferencing, audio-visual, control systems and in so many other areas of personal and business life, we all depend on networks just working for us. Keiba makes sure that they do.

We help our clients with a wide range of implementations, from basic CAT5e cabling to full blown copper and fibre installations, routing, switching, firewalls, IP Telephony and much more. We’ll build a network that’s well designed and implemented throughout, from ensuring you have the right bandwidth to careful routing, VLAN, multicast and wireless system design and the relevant management frameworks to support it.

Working with off-the-shelf or specialist products or protocols, we can bring all your networking requirements into a single and consistent implementation... job done!