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Remediations & Upgrades

Remediation and upgrade work can be fraught with difficulties. If we designed and installed your current solution from the outset then we will still have all the details on file which makes fixing any problems or designing upgrades quite straightforward.

We are often walking into unknowns however where you may have had other installers carry out work for you. We have walked into some installations where there was clearly a good installer who may have simply gone out of business and others where it is disaster upon disaster.

For obvious and straightforward upgrade works we typically treat it as a normal small installation project. Where we find an installation which is undocumented with significant poor workmanship we have little choice but to present you with a more comprehensive plan of action which often goes as follows:

  • Document all cables and connections as-found
  • Test all cables installed into the building fabric for quality and usability
  • Fix poorly made connections where required (this is so often needed just to be able to test the installation properly)
  • Create a schedule of equipment as-is including operational state and capabilities
  • Provide an evaluation of what the current installation could do against what it should do or you would like to upgrade to
  • Fix basic services and connections as required ensuring we have a good working foundation. Typically this involves aerials, network, speaker connections etc.
  • Layer on the rest of the features and products accordingly to complete the physical side of the installation
  • Commission and test any required programming
  • Hand-over
The above approach is designed to be both methodical and provide reassurance that there are incremental deliverables which show positive progress. Too often the unhappiness with previous work leaves people with a bad view of the industry. We aim to change this as best we can understanding that so often people have already paid once for an installation only have to pay again for it to work.