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More than just the technology...

Security solutions are often defined by their most visible components – sophisticated technology systems such as intruder alarms to warn of break-ins, access control to manage who can enter or leave, and CCTV to monitor and record what is happening.

Effective security is a combination of technology, design and process. Many intruder alarms are little more than an irritation - who actually goes to check on a house when they hear one? Having the police turn up ten minutes later may be reassuring, but the thieves are often long gone.

Naturally, we supply and install state-of-the-art technology solutions – but only as part of our holistic approach to all your security needs. We assess what you have to protect, and every conceivable threat, because preventing break-ins is clearly preferable to being alerted when they happen.

Systems and procedures for getting the key people involved immediately make a huge difference, as do details like integrated lighting to deter intruders. Take a look at how Keiba can help to secure your property...