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Gira – the Company

Electrical switch and socket manufacturer Gira was founded in Germany in 1905. During the 1930s its innovative lever-bolt rotary switch established the company’s reputation as a supplier of high quality switch products.

Today, Gira employs approximately 1.000 people, producing a wide range of intelligent building technology solutions that blend form and function into a harmonious and practical whole.

Gira Products & Services

Gira’s product range includes devices for networking home technology, music control for multiple rooms and comprehensive switch ranges, plus numerous equipment and software solutions for door communication, energy management and indoor and exterior lighting.

Gira KNX/EIB system provides an interface for centralised control of complex integrated systems for building management , which is optimised for mobile device touch screens (such as the iPhone and iPad) via Gira HomeServer apps, available exclusively in the Apple iTunes Store.

Why Keiba recommends Gira ...

We specify Gira’s superbly designed, award winning products for building management projects of any size from a domestic installation to a large commercial premises or group of buildings.

We value the flexibility offered by Gira’s massive range of products, from switches to control gear, all constructed to the highest standards of engineering backed up with comprehensive support.

The Gira range of energy-efficient devices and integration solutions offers our clients a choice of styles and colour matching and finishes to suit a wide variety of projects.

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