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Plant Room Controls

Staying in Control

Plant rooms house machines and equipment usually controlled and monitored by sophisticated electronic panels. These provide readouts to show performance levels, and alert operators to anomalies or operational failures.

How Keiba can help

Panels are typically designed and built to order, although in some cases they can be designed once and rolled out (with modifications as necessary) many times.

We have helped businesses and organisations in many different sectors, as well as private individuals, to design and install custom-built or off-the-shelf plant room control solutions in situations including:

  • industrial plant rooms
  • manufacturing plant rooms
  • domestic swimming pool controls to manage pumps, boilers and filter systems

Working with you

We will work with you to design control panels to keep all your essential equipment and machinery operating efficiently and effectively, and put you in control of the whole environment from a central point.

We ensure that your control system complies with the latest versions of all current legislation and safety regulations, including:

  • BS EN 60204-1:2006+Amd1:2009 Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines.
  • BS EN ISO 13849-1 Safety Related Parts of a Control System (alternatively BS EN 62061 - but not both) Functional safety of safety related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems

Plant control panels should allow for safe shutdown in an emergency, and safety is always at the forefront throughout our design and build process.

Ask the Panel...

Plant rooms are usually full of complex equipment which is monitored and regulated by electronic control panels that display operating status and alerts by means of indicator lights, dials and digital readouts. They are used for day-to-day control, maintenance and emergency purposes.

The panel itself may be the ‘user interface’ of a cabinet or enclosure housing sophisticated protection devices, motor starters, inverters, specialist controllers and sensors. Many panels now include visualisation interfaces showing status and energy usage information as well as allowing for advanced control options.

Panels ensure that complex electrical circuitry is kept safe exposing only the required controls for normal operation. In large installations the controls may be housed separately from the machines they are monitoring.

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