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Energy Management

Reducing your energy use...

Energy bills are never welcome, and make a significant contribution to the operating overheads of most businesses. It follows that if you can reduce your energy usage by managing it more effectively, you can make a direct, positive contribution to your bottom line.

How Keiba can help

We have helped businesses and organisations in many different sectors to reduce their overheads using effective energy management solutions for:

  • accurately metering and recording usage of main and sub-supplies of gas, electricity and water to gather data on actual usage and demand across the business
  • switching to cheaper energy sources where available, such as shade control to manage natural light and alternative heat sources
  • complete power-off of electrical equipment as an alternative to standby mode
  • systems for logging and reporting factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, light and so on to provide a more accurate picture of the operating environment
  • demand-based control systems for heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • multiple heat-source management to allow greater flexibility in use than a binary ‘all-on’ or ‘all off’ option
  • solar photo-voltaic (PV) solutions which store energy during the day for use overnight including the management of 12/24v supplies
  • monitoring main energy supplies (particularly electrical) for outages, and supplementing them with alternative sources
  • recording specific usage data for tracking and re-billing purposes

Working with you

We spend time working with you to identify where in your business a new energy management regime is needed. We may recommend a historical review of energy usage records (where they exist) to establish benchmarks against which we can measure the success of our cost reduction efforts. We use both open and proprietary systems and recommend the best solution for each scenario, always considering whether the cost of introducing any new system can be justified in terms of significant reductions in future energy usage and expenditure.

Kill Bills!

Energy management is all about monitoring and metering actual usage and then using the data to make informed decisions about the most effective ways to keep energy use down and reduce costs. The best results come from looking at all systems as a whole and planning the control alongside the actual energy use for heating, cooling and so forth.

Effective metering and sub-metering is useful for cross-charging within a large building and also helps in fault detection and identifying anomalies in need of further investigation.

Reducing your energy bills usually goes hand-in-hand with reducing emissions and your carbon footprint, so ultimately what is better for your budget will almost certainly prove to be kinder to the environment too. It's what's known as a double whammy!

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